Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Posted: March 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

Whelans was the venue to which Owen Ashworth returned on a Sunday evening in March – under his more common sobriquet of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – to deliver a typically raw performance, briefly complemented by the vocal stylings of Jenny Herbinson, but mostly just himself and a boggling amount of electronic equipment over which he seems to have utter control.
His last visit here was a ramshackle and beguiling affair, all collapsing equipment and nervous banter from a man whose lyrical honesty is matched only by his nimble musical fingers.
Having been capably supported by the endearing, thoroughly enjoyable and cutely profane Ugly Megan, as well as Storkboy Choons, Ashworth arrives onstage to a warm crowd, cheering loudly and bringing a shy smile to his face. On his most recent album, Etiquette, an array of instruments were added to the signature electronics and drum machines, but onstage Ashworth does nearly all the songs alone and the appreciation and enjoyment in the room is evident as he dishes out such pop marvels as Cold White Christmas, Young Shields and Nashville Parthenon.
The afore-mentioned Jen, his glowing, bubbly indie-chick sidekick, literally bounds onto the stage for the pulsating Scattered Pearls and the rapport between the two, as they discuss last night’s hotel room excesses of teacakes and Carrie on TV, gets some infectious giggles from the audience.
Two cover versions, Graceland and Streets of Philadelphia (the latter of which suits him so well he may as well have written it), fit beautifully into the set, which is also peppered with a few new tunes, and after a brief encore the crowd finally let him go to enjoy a pint in a venue, and amongst a crowd, that seem to really love him. Here’s hoping he makes a speedy return to Ireland.

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