Knowing meme knowing youyou. Aha.

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

So Gardenhead ‘tagged’ me for this MeMe thingy and I have become more interested than I thought i might on first glance. Many thanks for giving me the chance to snoop around other people’s accounts and find out things about them. I’m gonna dispense with my cynicism and jump arse first into this.

Rules are..

Link to the person that tagged you.
Post the rules on your blog.
Write six random things about you in a blog post.
Tag six people in your post.
Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Let the taggee know your entry is up.

Here’s my random dingleberries, hanging below:

1) I can fit the entire top of a pint glass in my mouth and usually drink most of the contents, without using my hands (to hold the glass, not to drink with…that would be mad, like the concept of Alien Nation). People who are pissed seem to enjoy this.

2) As a kid I convinced my little sister to get into a suitcase, which I then locked and brought downstairs to the sitting room and to my parents. She freaked out and it’s something she recalls to this day when telling peeps about her older bruv. That and the fact that I hanged her dolls from her wardrobe..sometimes. I love her really.

3)Edward Furlong in Terminator 2 was my fashion idol when I was a teenager. I even had that fringe thing swooping across my head.

4)I have often been mistaken for Graham Hopkins (Boss Volenti, Therapy) over the years, when I am sporting a beard, and have had long conversations with people in nightclubs about my touring of the world and being a rockstar. One guy in Crawdaddy wouldn’t let me go and made me tell him rock stories for at least an hour before. Secretly I loved it. I met Hopkins a few weeks ago in Whelans and we do kinda look alike. His friends thought so too. I’m sexier though. Ahem.

5) I do good impressions of many different accents; Scottish, and specifically Edinburgh, being my speciality. Actually, I also know the ‘Alien Nation’ word for pigeon so if you see me, ask and I’ll say it for you. It sounds kinda like ‘dork’ but you have to cluck before you say it, like a chicken. Remember Alien Nation? Nice.

6) I once, many moons ago, pooped in someone’s front garden on the way home from a nightclub and I’m not proud, but it happened and it’s along time ago but it just happened and that’s it so deal with it.

I’m tagging:
Off Her Rocker
Two Wheels on My Wagon
red mum

I cannae do another one coz they’re all tagged already and my intaynet connection keeps shutting down so i’m cheating, slightly. Sorry if you were tagged twice or thrice. Adios.

  1. Gardenhead says:

    hahahaha I pooped in a garden too. In Victoria Canada no less. And all the floodlights came on and dogs started barking when I was mid-poop!
    We must meet up in the real world if only to see you do that pint glass thing! You should come see the holy roman army in anseo on Sunday. my twinbot is supporting.

  2. adam says:

    Sounds good. Missed the HRA last week in Whelans. didnt know twas your bruv that was storkboy til recently but really enjoyed them at the otherwise wet Milosh gig.Smell ya later so, smell ya later forever.

  3. Gardenhead says:

    cool. he read the drop d review and was chuffed in his own bashful way. I made all the cool lightning and octopus visuals when I should have been working on my PhD

  4. My Left Ventricle says:

    I clicked on yer blog out of curiosity and when i read the poo thing i KNEW before i even clicked on the comments Gardenarse would have been straight in with his Canada story!! hahaha!!!!!

  5. adam says:

    Yep, we have connected on a deep-in-our-bowels level. It’s a right of passage thing, pooping al fresco. It what makes one a man, like growling or drinking milk from the carton. Welcome to my log..I mean blog..

  6. ctrl/alt/delete says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok now everything makes sense kinda i will be back with even geekier dorkier fact about myself (i am drunk …..must not blog and drink)

  7. Nay says:

    Hehehe, every person has a tale of childhood crimes against siblings!

    You were right on with Edward Furlong. In 1994, he was The Man-boy!

  8. Nay says:

    LOL blogs are like outdoor poos…we’ve all done one!

    I love the Graham Hopkins anecdote 🙂

  9. adam says:

    Yeah, i had a full beard for a while there and it was getting nuts with drunk people at gigs asking me if I was him. Meeting him was well funny. We bonded. He has better hair…
    Also, feel free to add a poo story to rival myself and Gardenarse’s ones (as he shall henceforth be known)

  10. Anonymous says:

    you hanged my dolls millions of times!! twas like sumthin out of a horror movie actually when i think about it…no wonder i’m so messed up, its all your fault!

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