Posted: May 6, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Does anybody get that ‘holiday’ air floating around today and yesterday?
It feels like we are all wrapping up on our last day at school and arranging that final game of football on the school grounds before we all split up for a few months….
Then I read Charlie Brooker’s piece in d’Guardian from yesterday and he makes sure I spend some time ruminating on the subject of our lives as zombies and our lack of action/motivation regarding the surrounding world and the inherent problems of it. He also makes me acutely aware of my tongue being in my mouth. It’s a really uncomfortable thing to suddenly be aware of your big, lolling tongue bouncing around in your gob and now I’m gonna spend the day with no mouth-comfort at all.
And there was me about to get all ‘Ron Manager’ on it. Small boys, jumpers for goalposts..
I’m gonna dig out a summer song and put it up here later on. Any suggestions?

Actually, I found one…

  1. econgirl says:

    and here was me gonna suggest a nice chunk of Stereolab…

  2. adam says:

    Ah yeah, but sometimes you gots to go with the cheesy tunes. And they were running repeats of the Fresh Prince somewhere recently and I couldn’t resist.

  3. rojo says:

    reading charlie brookers screen burn at the moment. t’is great. want to get into the new one though.

  4. adam says:

    Rojo – Got it around Crimbo and it’s a great read, typically enough.D id you see he’s been commissioned to write a horror series for Channel4? Can’t fookin’ wait.

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