Man Yoo Nite Head

Posted: May 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m a Man Utd fan so obviously after tonight’s match I have whittled my finger tips down to 8 raw stumps (I don’t chew my thumbs you iziot).
Anyway, woohoo.. Champo League in the bag.
On a seperate note, I was in Naas today at a meeting/work thingy and nearly got caught in the middle of an egg/waterbomb schoolkid fight, slap bang on the main street. It was myself and some wizened old ladies discussing the terrible misbehaviour of these young oiks milling around with their weapons-of-choice and I felt a sense of comraderie with the elderly dears. Time for some Horlicks and to eat the bunions off my feet.
And finally, No Age were class in Whelans the other night, as were Animal Collective and Atlas Sound the night before.
Animal Collective had a last minute gig organised after they had to cancel their Tripod jaunt and by all accounts there were many fans that were pissed off about the rescheduling at such short notice. To be fair, it was either gonna be no gig for anyone or a gig for some. Fuck begrudgery. Although I can say that coz i got to see them.
With No Age, it was cool to see some proper hardcore punky/rocky/metal in a tiny venue. Can’t wait for Times New Viking next week, so if you’re going, I’ll see ya there.

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