Posted: June 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m off down home to Galway for a day or two and then to Tipperary for my uncle’s 40th birthday celebrations which will involve archery and shotguns apparently. It’s been a while since I made it home to the West and when I’ve spoken to my mother on the phone – less often than I should – I know she wishes I kept in touch a little more.
Not that she reads this or anything but Mam, I’m sorry, I’ll be home soon ok and I know it’s Fathers Day on Sunday so I’ll get him a card. Yes. Ok. I said I’ll get it. I won’t forget. What? I did refill the kettle after I used it.
I will also get a chance to roam the wet, poorly-maintained streets that are mostly laden with bongo drummers, jugglers, dogs on strings, dole-bludgers, crusties, comedians, rockers, fishermen and Denis the Wino and I’m looking forward to having a pint in a few of the pubs I just do not get to anymore. Sometimes it’s nice to return home.
In music land, Sun Kil Moon are/is back later in the year which is great news. Kozelek’s last gig was marvellous, made all the better for his cranky comments to snap-happy audience members as they persisted in sticking a camera in his face during every song. Prince cancelled his gig (Sorry but I couldn’t give a shit), Bonnie Prince Billy is on Sunday (Woohoo) and other than that I’ve not seen a whole lot that catches my eye besides the big upcoming Neil Young, Iggy, Cohen, Waits gigs. I’m gonna miss most of Future Days (and also the Fleet Foxes/Beach House gig) unfortunately but if I was staying around, Matmos tomorrow night and Low on Friday (I put a link to a performance of Two Step by them because their Village rendition of this song was one of the most haunting experiences of my gig-going life)would be must-sees. Don’t waste your time by not going, go get tix now. I’ve just got my hands on the recent Silver Jews album and have been giving Mudhoney‘s excellent new album a decent listen. Filmwise, I know Gone Baby Gone is out. I saw it a while back and it’s excellent, if a little much toward the end. Read an interview with the hyper-talented Casey Affleck in Esquire recently and he’s a proper weirdo. Great actor though. Proper blogging should resume soon as the connection seems to be ok at the moment. We’ll see how long that lasts.

  1. Anonymous says:

    dags surely?

  2. Adam says:

    Thanks Cha-nonymous. Dags indeed. Tek-t-eesay hah?

  3. Cha says:

    Is that pic of he who was the bomb in Phantoms and his bro or just an loosely related Ben-comes-out-shock pic?

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