My mate’s ambitious, original play

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m gonna plug this because it’s truly unique and I want him to succeed. If you think you or your mates would be interested, go buy some tix and tell more of your mates. I’ve certainly not heard of anything quite like it being staged here before.
Read on for info.

Moonshine Travellers
A Play by Patrick McCarry

Live @ Vicar St. Sept. 11th

Tickets on sale Wed. July 9th @ 9am!

Vicar Street will play host to a unique mix of theatre and live music as Moonshine Travellers hits the stage this Sept. 11th. The night features four amazing acting talents and four eclectic and excellent bands, combining to tell a story about the forgotten folk of the music world – the roadies. Tickets are €20 on sale Wed. July 9th @ 9am through Ticketmaster and other usual outlets nationwide. Booking Line: 0818 719 390.

Moonshine Travellers is a comedic play about a young man, Ray Harknett, on his first night on the job as a roadie. He is mentored, chided and procrastinated to by a veteran stagehand, Sonny Flidgeon, who takes it upon himself to show the rookie everything he knows. Ray is a huge music fan and takes on the task of being an ‘amp jockey’ to help raise funds for his band’s promo EP, Neon Love (as he says – “We have some kick ass titles, all we need is the songs”).

In between scenes (running from 5 to 10 minutes in length), four bands will play short sets on the night. The mix of comedy, drama and quality live music will be involving, light hearted and a first for Irish audiences.

Moonshine Travellers is presented by Patrick McCarry, a ground-breaking writer who has staged events both at home and abroad. The Dubliner has written several plays and short stories and has a passion for producing plays outside the confines of conventional theatres.

Talking about the play, McCarry said: “The whole idea for this show comes simply from being inspired by the venue and wracking my brain to find an angle for an event here. I became fascinated with the hard working roadies, testing the mics and stepping on guitar pedals unflustered, almost as if the audience was behind a two way mirror. After that night my task was set.”

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