My Black Ass

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

Over at Thrill Pier, a mention of Steve Albini’s Shellac got me thinking about their performance in the Temple Bar Music Centre back in the 90s I think…maybe it was 2000 or so. Anyway it involved the type of journey that people from Dublin just don’t understand: a bus up from Galway for a bunch of cider-drinking teens and booking into a (shitty) hotel for the night. That’s what we had to do, jackeens. Many a journey was made from the shticks up to Dublin gigs. It’s a pain in the hole and something I absolutely don’t miss. Living in Dublin, you are spoiled for gigs most of the time.
Shellac were plugging an upcoming new album (Terraform) but they played a shitload from At Action Park, one of my favourite albums of all time. It’s an album best described as ‘walking hard’ music; propulsive, driving, rhythm-pounding, hard-jamming tunes.
It’s also an album I used to put on on my headphones and stomp to UCG (now NUIG, kids) to. The drumming is just stomach-tightening. And the live show was heavy as a wet bag of shit with Todd the drummer in centre-stage, flanked by Albini and the bassist, smashing out the time with reversed drumsticks and cracking a pair of said sticks every other song. I was right at the front, going bananas and we managed to chat to them afterwards as they sat at the edge of the stage entertaining a young, enthusiastic crowd. I even got a poster signed (can’t find it now..) It’s a gig I won’t forget and you can be guaranteed I’ll be there to see them this October. Here’s one of Shellac’s best tracks and it should really have the effect of making you want to stomp-dance your way around the room playing violent air guitar – if not, then maybe Shellac aren’t for you..
My Black Ass – Shellac

  1. cha says:

    And when you go to the show maybe youll want a big back tat for all that bare chested stomping around, might I suggest the second from the right on the bottom row, or even the one third from the right?
    Ah the cross country gig odyssey, with midlands Esso jaxs calling like sirens

  2. Adam says:

    Dear lord yes. I reckon I’m gonna stick up an Xtrawazh post soon to remind us of the good times. If you think of stuff, let me know coz I’ll have forgotten plenty of gold dust from all those years..

  3. cha says:

    I’ll email you some thoughts. I called in tere last week when visiting lox and ali, man o man the flash backs. no masterson though. and saw yer man with the moustache from ballinfoyle park or whatever you know the guy cant remember hs number (thank fuck)…”and a packet of revels came to mind” too…

  4. mercuroman says:

    Hey Lace – I never got into them but I thought you’d like to know – Shellac are playing in Roisin’s – Gugai’s pulling out all the stops!! Oct 27th.

  5. Adam says:

    yeah, might even get down for that one too. roisins would be some place to see them. Heckle Albini with questions about that Bush album he produced.

  6. thisredbook says:

    saw them twice last year. was deadly. can’t wait for this gig now.
    i hate these freakin’ caphtha thingys. grr

  7. Astonishing Sod-Ape says:

    I saw them in Vicar Street a few years back with The Bug and Plaid. It was as hilarious and mad as I’d hoped. A standout line (from End Of Radio?) was “MARTINA NAVRATILOVA – I’LL BE YOUR SPONSOR!”

    1000 Hurts is still great. “This is a SAD song! You’ll be lucky if I don’t BUST OUT CRYIN’!”

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