Generation Kill #2

Posted: July 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

Episode 2 of the 7 part series has aired and it’s all coming along nicely. In the same way as The Wire manages to do, it starts to get under your skin, yet for long periods there doesn’t seem to be that much happening. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start doing plot-spoilers for Generation Kill but I’ll flag up if/when I manage to see an episode.
The script is typically smart and savvy with some really meaty deliveries, particularly from the ‘Joker in full Metal Jacket’ character, Cpl. Ray Person (James Ransone AKA Ziggy in The Wire Season 2). We see the boredom, the futility, the homoeroticism, the bigotry and the fear of soldiers in Iraq. The Vietnam comparisons have never been more blatant than with the wired, witty banter being spat out by this hodge-podge of a battalion.THis episode sees the Marines encounter their first bit of proper action and the Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright (Lee Tergesen) gets his first taste too. Excellent stuff.

  1. ctrl/alt/delete says:

    watched the first three eps, really liking it so far and the character Cpl. Josh Ray Person even if hes very like Ziggy. looking forward to see how it processes

  2. Adam says:

    Is the third one ‘available’ since last night? By available, I of course mean ‘not available’ or ‘available legally’.

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