No Age

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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No Age’s last outing in Dublin was an excellent, if somewhat confusing, gig for the band. Most people were there as actual fans and as far as I recall there was no support and they came on fairly late.
It also became clear they were used to a crowd that rocked the fuck out, but to be honest it was a Tuesday evening and a mostly sober crowd were not going to partake in much shenanigans. I still thought they put on a great show.
A return gig has been announced for October 17th and they are to be joined by fellow noisemongers Times New Beth..I mean Times New Viking along with the unusual choice of Los Campesinos.
This video for Keechie, made from some left over Eraser video footage, is not really a good representation of a full No Age show’s loudness but it is still weirdly hypnotic in the way surf movies, Apocalypse Now and the album by The Field are.
I remember my mother (who I’m sure doesn’t read my blog but hi mam anyway) watching American Beauty with me, and more specifically watching that plastic bag scene saying ‘that’s not the most beautiful thing in the world; that’s just a bloody plastic bag blowing around the place’.
I like to think that, in their own ways, both Sam Mendes and my mother are right but I think on a certain day, the weirdest and most simple thing can seem really beautiful.

  1. thisredbook says:

    was that not the gig in whelans that subplots and tread pulls supported them at? small crowd, and no age played pretty woefully. maybe they’re better on record? totally overrated.

  2. Adam says:

    I deleted that last comment by myself and went to check out if that was the gig you were referring to, Roisin. That must have been a different one coz there was no support at the No Age gig. Nouns is a class album too so you should definitely check it out. The upcoming gig with TNV should be cracking.

  3. Karl says:

    Looking forward to staring at Los Campesinos with a total lack of interest. TNV + No Age should be great though.

  4. thisredbook says:

    grandiosa, i was thinking of the whelans show they did on a thursday with ‘forever’ as promoters. they went on at normal time though so must have been different. shall check out the album eventually when someone gives me a free listening copy. 🙂

  5. adam says:

    Well I reckon free listening copies are available somewhere out there in t’internet land. Rapidshare+nouns and a google search should have ya listening to it in no time.

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