The kind of news I want to read

Posted: September 10, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Don’t we all get sick of Obama, hurricanes, wars, recessions.
Don’t we really want to read about scientists trying to recreate the Big Bang under laboratory conditions?
Don’t we want to see articles finishing like this one below, taken from the Irish Times article about said project?

Websites on the Internet, itself created at Cern nearly 20 years ago as a means of passing particle research results to scientists around the globe, have promoted claims that the LHC will create black holes sucking in the planet.

“Nonsense,” say the Cern – and other leading scientists. “The LHC is safe, and any suggestion that it might present a risk is pure fiction,” declared Dr Aymar.

Black holes sucking in the planet. Today, the news had a victory.

  1. Nay says:


    I am INTRIGUED by all of this but I still can’t figure out what the fuck the Higgs Boson is…

    Black holes have yet to manifest. It’s safe to say I’ll pay my gas bill this month. Damn.

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