Web awards nomination for Drop-D

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I’m delighted to say that Drop-D (where I do most of my writing at the moment) has been nominated for an Irish Web Award for Best Music Site. It seems we are on the shortlist and I’m not going to pretend to be ‘cool’ about this; I love awards and attention so fuck it – come on the D!
I don’t know how it works but if there’s a voting system, I’m all up for rigging it, Balkan-states-in-the-Eurovision style.
I also pray this guy is there

  1. Nay says:

    CONGRATS! It’s well deserved!

    ….Halle’s boobs look very droopy in that dress. You think her staggering riches would prevent such a thing?

    Sorry to lower the tone an’ all. I was just sayin’…

  2. adam says:

    lower the tone? i think a trawl through my previous posts will prove the tone was extremely low to begin with 😉

  3. Ronan says:

    Nice one, congrats

    Find anything in niallers skip?

  4. adam says:

    You wouldn’t even believe what i found…

  5. Nay says:

    Mmm well, now you mention it…YOU lowered the tone of my Franzy marriage, so you did.

    Coming to the Vinny Lamb Shanks on Fri?

  6. adam says:

    Yeah, reckon so. I better wear a tux though. I hear the Boom Boom Room is dead posh. Oh..hang on…

  7. nay says:

    dead SQUASHED more like. Come naked, cos you’re gonna sweat…

  8. adam says:

    I was there once, a while ago, and indeed I did sweat me arse off. Bloody hell, ‘t will be a hot ‘un.

  9. cha says:

    Congrats lace. I thought Drop D was a reference to those jabs in the picture…

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