Posted: October 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Going away for a few days with 5 mates is physically trying.
Where once you could bound out of bed at 9.30am after an Oliver Reed-esque session, as you get older the bound becomes more of a ‘head falls on floor of hostel, followed by body and then sheets/pillows’

You realise that you have a morning routine – that everyone has a morning routine – and because you are in an unusual environment (a 6-bed, exclusively male, stinking dorm) then your day begins…weirdly.
Just me?
Fair enough.
Also, men fart. Alot. And unless the window is immediately opened first thing, the hangover nausea can become unbearable at best and projectile vomit-inducing at worst.

Luckily, Madrid is very warm this time of year – compared to here anyway – and the Spanish know how to do coffee. Strong coffee at a reasonable price too. Not like the Tim Hortons shit I banged on about a while ago.

Got to see No Age in a Madrid venue called Moby Dick, which was a nautically themed rock venue akin to sticking a load of wooden fish and ship wheels around Crawdaddy. I bought a lovely No Age t-shirt (the one that no other blogger seemed to like the last time they played upstairs in Whelans here in Dublin) and a 10″ vinyl with three songs, then proceeded to leave them in some ropey Columbian bar up the road about an hour after the gig.

Naturally our group got separated and everyone was beyond intoxicated and into some kind of strange limbo world where upon standing still one looks like a malfunctioning robot in the corner of a room.

Somehow we all survived and made it back to Ireland on Sunday night. Now I have a cold/flu and my work holidays are being wasted by having to stay in bed doped up to the eyeballs on a concoction of over-priced drugs that make me feel drowsy and have me discussing the American election at length with the dog who, to be honest, is far more interested in showing me how easy he finds it to lick his gonads no matter what room he’s in. I also get to witness first hand that all he does all day is sleep and snore. Must be nice actually.

This post has been brought to you by Nurofen, Sudafed and Rubex

  1. Nay says:

    I ❤ Nurofen.

    Sounds like you were in the Krusty Krab and you've a Spongebob jammered up your nose!
    Serves you right for leaving 4.9 million of us here while you fucked off to Espana….

  2. cha says:

    You have a dog? Better to buy lots of codeine related products and stupor your way through it, lifes not been the same since Benylin took it all out (at least here they no longer have it but still question you like you’re the sort to go home and pour it into a pint glass before consuming, maybe I should stop asking for one from the cooler).
    Grand city Madrid, and gan looks like a hyperreal gan in that picture, never seen a person look more like themselves.

  3. adam says:

    Jesus is there 4.9million of us?! I still stick with the 3.1million from my school geography book in the 90s.
    Yeah we gots a dog. a bleedin shi tzu. and as for gan, he’s wearing a guinness t-shirt that’s older than him.

  4. red says:

    aw. get well soon.

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