Euro racism: alive and well

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

Dodgy quality pic from Madrid last week that I meant to post sooner. I’m not even sure what these posters were for but they certainly grabbed my attention…

Edit: Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised

  1. Ronan says:

    They prob still sell golly bars there aswell 🙂

  2. cha says:

    In one of my bosses seminars last week students had to bring in an item they considered kitsch, the uni is probably 90% international students and the home students are diverse but white british students are in the minority, one girl brought in a gollywog doll with no shame cause she had no idea that is was anything other than cute and kitsch. I understand the first few minutes were very tense. Outside of taxis, I have found Spain to be one of the most overtly racist places Ive been with most of it put across in ‘joke’ comments.

  3. Gardenhead says:

    there was a dude in full blackface at a halloween party i attended last night. he had a minstrel outfit and white gloves. He kept saying “yes massa” and “no massa”. I asked him if he was not worried that a black person might have been at the party and seen his horrid costume. “no massa” he replied in character.

  4. adam says:

    Well lads, i think the idea of the forward-thinking Euro liberal is fucked.

  5. Gardenhead says:

    Lots of monkey noises being made in a certain pub in Temple Bar as Hamilton clinched it on Sunday. It was full of about 50 Spanish. In fairness only about 3 or 4 of them were making the din. But they eh, fed into what is fast becoming a commonly held perception of the spanish

  6. Ronan says:

    Ever seen this?

    Cant find the full video where it shows a large section of the crowd making monkey noises and impersonations

    Was in madrid last year and found it extremely racist

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