My 11 like most favourite albums of 2008. Totally.

Posted: December 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Efterklang – Parades (seemed like this year but turns out it isn’t, so I’ll mention it but it must be excluded from the list. Sorry Casper, you beautiful Danish man you)

11. Flying Lotus – Los Angeles (Perfect instrumental hip-hop with considerable depth. Fuck off Soulja Boy.)

10. Portishead – Third (What a comeback. Terrifyingly good.)

9. Christian Fennesz – Black Sea (Noisy,wondrous,feedbacky,synthy,legendary)

8. Vivian Girls – Vivian Girls (Feedback, fuzz and harmonies. All you need)

7. The Bug – London Zoo (Filthy, evil, angry. Dubstep rarely gets this good)

6. Fucked Up – The Chemistry of Common Life (Punk and panpipes. Brought me back to my hardcore punk roots this year and for that I thank them. fucking rocking tunes too.)

5. Bonnie Prince Billy – Lie Down in the Light (He could release anything and I would love it…but I really do love this. Country-tinged beauty, the opposite of the bleakness of I See A Darkness, and an effortlessly impressive album from my favourite solo artist by a long way. He’s a God.)

4. Times New Viking – Rip It Off (What? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the tinny production and pop melodies. Yes the keyboard player IS hot, you’re right. No that has not influenced this number 4 placing, you sexist.)

3. The Walkmen – You & Me (How drunk are they? Very. And they write songs too. Fantastic ones. And what a gig in the Button Factory this year.)

2. Roots Manuva – Slime and Reason (Best MC around and an absolute classic of an album. Put many a sloppy grin on my chops. If it was summertime now, this may have claimed my topspot by a nosehair. I missed his gig coz I had the flu. It bothers me still.)

1. No Age – Nouns (Genius. Brilliant. Full of new ideas, passion and energy. AND I interviewed them too. I love No Age and want to have their babies.)

There you have it. Bon Iver is technically 2007 so I left it out. Alopecia by Why? is just on the outside but to be honest alot of the albums could be shuffled around slightly depending on the hour of the day or whatever.
I whittled it down with great difficulty from a longlist of about 19 and it was difficult but goddam it it was worth it.
Get them all.

  1. red says:

    Nice list yourself. Definitely some stuff on here that I didn’t listen to enough this year. I’ll be getting back to them defo.

  2. Ronan says:

    Good list, a few there that ive yet to get to

    Think my best of 08 list would have a lot of music that was actually released before 08, only just getting round to them now – Apologise to the Queen Mary being very high up there

  3. Adam says:

    Yeah, that’s the way it is with albums sometimes. Must remember to start with the list earlier in the year this time, for 2009. Make things alot easier.

  4. Nay says:

    Shocked am I to see no mention of the mighty Adebisi Shank. I thought they’d make, I truly thought they’d make it with you, Lacey…

    Roots Manuva though. What a man!

  5. Adam says:

    Don’t hate me, Nay, for I am a fickle man. And forgetful. And useless at lists.

  6. Nay says:

    Never could the Lacey hate I.

    Lists suck. I’m doing all mine in April next.

  7. Adam says:

    What’s this luncheonroll blog? That you too?Am I totally outta touch?

  8. gandalfeeneydawhiterthanwhite says:

    Foals? M83? Sugababes? Where are they? Eh?

  9. Adam says:

    M83 were number 12 or 13 and Foals were in the top 20 at least.

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