Blue water, white death

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

Cool footage of a Carcharodon Carcharias menacing kayakers less than a mile off Australia’s east coast on Saturday.

Only last week a man was apparently eaten by a Great White on the west coast off Australia while searching for crab (story here)
The man, Brian Guest, was a vocal supporter of the protection of sharks and had written on the Western Angler website forum in 2004:
“I have always had an understanding with my wife that if a shark or ocean accident caused my death then so be it, at least it was doing what I wanted. Every surfer, fisherman and diver has far more chance of being killed by bees, drunk drivers, teenage car thieves and lightning. Every death is a tragedy – regardless of the cause – but we have no greater claim to use of this earth than any of the other creatures [we] share it with.”

  1. Gardenhead says:

    Watched jaws today. By jaysus he’s scary for a big animatronic mound of rubber. Also watched ET. By jaysus he’s cute for a small animatronic mound of rubber.
    Stephen Spielberg. By jaysus he’s good for making animatronic mounds of rubber matter as much as that.

  2. Naaaaaaaaay says:

    “Ah I’m just fucking witcha!”

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