Deschanel death knell

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yes, I am one of the internet nerdburgers who feels the pangs of unfathomable sadness at the news of Zooey Deschanel’s engagement to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Music..Cutie…or whatever. I’m off to watch Elf and cry all over my Christmas jumper.

  1. bren says:


  2. Adam says:

    Yes, Bren, yes. We must all deal with it in our own ways. It is now part of all our lives. But we still shouldn’t listen to Deathcab albums. Not that we should have beforehand, but anyway..

  3. ctrl/alt/delete says:

    Im in morning for Zooey (because you know she could have been mine)I even watched tinman cuz she was in it (I like her that much)

  4. Catherine says:


    A male friend described it as “like finding out she’s slept with my best mate”.

    Wonder if anyone’s taking bets on a duets album yet…

  5. Adam says:

    Do NOT mention duets albums between them on this blog. Such cruelty.Have you no mercy?!

  6. Adam says:

    Do NOT mention duets albums between them on this blog. Such cruelty.Have you no mercy?!

  7. Karl says:

    Could be a decoy marriage for Ben Gibbard… maybe… no?

    Zooey is too lovely for this.


    this is a disaster.

  8. Gardenhead says:

    look at you mourning bunch of nerdlingers! shame. Adam are you sure what you did all over your xmas jumper was ‘cried’? I ‘cry’ into tissues when I watch zooey deschaniel movies too.

  9. Adam says:

    G’head, sometimes when I cry from my face, I ‘cry’ from other parts too. It can be a melancholic experience,
    I find. But then I fall asleep so it’s all ok.

  10. Astonishing Sod-Ape says:

    Terrible, terrible news. She is a fountain of sparkling and magical loveliness. Also made the 16th best album of 2008, according to my calculations…

  11. Adam says:

    Well it seems all the movers and shakers have a thing for Zooey. This year I’ll dispense with doing an end of year list and just slap up pix of her so. Yummy.

  12. Evil Bob says:

    How about dedicating the blog entirely to her?

  13. Adam says:

    Yummy again

  14. gandalfeeneydawhiterthanwhite says:

    One of da lads at work told me this week she was engaged but I had no idea she was engaged to that emo fuck! Fuck him and his fuckin arse over-rated band. They make Snow Patrol sound like Slayer! Don’t know for the life of me why Nada Surf are lumped along with DCFC category wise. In DCFC’s wildest, wettest dreams they couldn’t write a song as good as Nada’s worst. Why are all the pretty ones insane? 😦

  15. Adam says:

    That’s passionate, dude. You should put it in a song and release it in the emo charts, it’s so emotional.

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