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Just clicking around and landed on a popular blog you might have seen a few times.
It mentions sex, rape, Nazism and revenge fantasies…and that’s just the opening few posts.
Man, my blog is waaaay not hardcore at all, eh?
I need a latte and a sit-down.


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Saw Frost/Nixon last night.
Solid entertainment with Langella’s Nixon being a wonderful replacement now for my shitty Al Pacino impression – all jowly and gruff.
Great performances by all involved although it takes Michael Sheen about 15 minutes to get past the impression stages of his performance. Sam Rockwell and Oliver Platt are great but the talking heads bits, where the actors play their characters a few years after the event, are unnecessary and a bit distracting.
One of the lads asked me for an ‘outta 10’ so i’ll give it a 6. Howzat?

Silver Jews split

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Thanks to Mr Thrillpier who left a comment over at On The Record regarding this
See Dave Berman’s original forum post here
Probably the best ‘split up note’ I ever did read…

Hello, my friend.
Cassie and I went to the cave and it looks great. 58 degrees but the humidity makes it feel like 72.
I’m just going to play fifteen songs. My fifteen favorite ones.
A dollar per song. Plus Arnett Hollow. I don’t
want to keep you underground for too long. Fall Creek Falls State Park State Lodge is great by the way.
Yes I cancelled the South American shows. I’ll have to see the ABC Countries another way.
I guess I am moving over to another category. Screenwriting or Muckraking.
I’ve got to move on. Can’t be like all the careerists doncha know.
I’m forty two and I know what to do.
I’m a writer, see?
Cassie is taking it the hardest. She’s a fan and a player but she sees how happy i am with the decision.
I always said we would stop before we got bad. If I continue to record I might accidentally write the answer song to Shiny Happy People.
What, you thought I was going to hang on to the bitter end like Marybeth Hamilton?

love david

Ain’t that nice?

Skins trying to apeal to the ‘me’ market

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Kicking off the new series of Skins with Son The Father by Fucked Up? Genius.
Yes I just saw the beginning of it…might even watch the rest.

So long, asshole

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Lest we forget, Bush is not the only cocksucker the world is glad to be rid of…

Oscar nominations 2009

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Check it oot
Some strange ones there..
Frozen River has been nominated so I shall be having a look at that one tonight. And Richard Jenkins is up. If ever a man deserves an Oscar, it’s Jenkins. Unfortunately he is up against the likely winner, Sean Penn, and the winner our hearts really want, Mickey ‘Whatthefuckiswrongwithhisface’ Rourke.


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New service called Spotify is in its infancy but looks set to grow up very quickly. It appears to run off a Last FM kind of deal but is a less annoying version of that service. Sounds promising.
Check it out here in a Quietus article.
Check out the actual service’s site here
Potentially solving the problems that illegal file-sharing has created for the music industry. Unfortunately, I received an invite to it last week and it is not yet available in ROI. Blegh.

Animal Collective: Official video for ‘My Girls’

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I had the video embedded here but it got removed really quickly by Domino, I think.
It’s streaming here though
Worth it for the Millenium Falcon hyperspace-type-thingy which melts the band.

Blog awards

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So, I got nominated for a blog award….is what I would be saying if I had gotten nominated for a blog award..
Anyhoo, I guess I’m too ‘real’ for the kids…ahem…congrats to the nominees and may the best geek win.
Lots of love.

EDIT: That list is just the nominations list which means I didn’t even nominate myself. What a spa I am.

Hodge podge

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I hate the fucking washing machine and to keep balance in the world, it hates me back.

I overstuff it with all kinds of crap, hoping it will wash everything I put in, whether that be one t-shirt or twenty.
I treat it like a slave and I am the master of the manor, expecting it to do what it’s told, to quiver before the orders I spit in its direction.
And it punishes me by dying my white Efterklang t-shirt grey, my beige Bonnie Prince Billy t-shirt blue and various other items a colour not too far away from the original but far enough away that it just looks a bit ‘off’.
Then when it begins to wash, it makes horrendous clunking and whirring noises like it’s blurting out, in a bastardised Johnny 5 voice, ‘Adam, come and look at me, I’m about to burst and spill your formerly-known-as-white t-shirts all over the floor‘.
Clunk, clunk, parp, toot, rattle and eventually crrrrash.
I do go and look and I stand like an idiot waiting for the fateful click so I can open the door and then see there is nothing wrong. It mocks me.
I hate you, washing machine.
I’ve also just discovered that the dog intensely dislikes me singing along to the new Antony and the Johnsons song, ‘Epilepsy is Dancing’, which I am singing alot at the moment.
It gives me a chance to do frighteningly warbly acrobatics with my vocal chords.
I put on a fabulous falsetto, a kind of English accent, a wobbly vocal effect and sing the already strange lyrics while prancing about the kitchen in a fey, highly questionable ballerina dance that I imagine Antony and his Johnsons might do if they were performing it in my house.
‘Caaaaaaht me eeeeeen quadraaaaantssss, leeeeeave me in da cwornnaaaaaahhhh’
Try it, it’s fun, I can assure you. Very liberating.
Finally, I saw a great headline (yes, being a sub ed makes me a headline nerd) the other day, from an American paper I think.
It was a picture of a forlorn looking 12 or 13 year-old boy, in black & white, and the headline was:
Methinks the sub editor was, possibly, bullied at some stage, no?
And lastly, it’s my birthday tomorrow so I shall leave you with the song I shall be listening to: Run DMC’s Peter Piper. Download it. It’s a classic.