Christmas pic

Posted: January 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

I got a digickal camera from the missus for Crimbo so I hope to be able to put a few more photos on this blog in 2009.
Hopefully, not all of me. This snap is of myself (on the right) and my uncle enjoying a couple of Cohiba cigars on Xmas day in my Galway back garden. See that decking? I built that with my Dad. Well…he did most of it, but still…
As a quick recap on the old pressie situation, my wonderful sister and fabulous parents managed to get me The Wire boxset and Homicide, the book too. Twas a good haul and that’s what it truly is about: receiving gifts. Don’t get hoodwinked by the religious overtones and altruistic hoopla, getting presents at Xmas is the best. Happy New Year, dudes.

  1. cha says:

    Good haul indeed. Most of the way through Homocide, served me well on painfully long train journeys and unforseen stop-over delays- what do you mean we, Zurich, might have seen snow coming in december and been a bit more prepared?- good stuff.
    Did you see the guy chasing a thief out the window dressed as Thor? I look forward to the day some break in merchant is felled by a clean shaven, northern accented man lamping a sliotar down his throat

  2. Gardenhead says:

    rhat photo looks like the least christmassy photo ever. Where is the snow? The presents? Why are you only wearing a shirt? How come so much greenery? Are you and your uncle actually in Cuba?

  3. Adam says:

    Tropical Galway baby. Global-warming has been kind to the west coast. Also, my family live in a Biodome. Pauly Shore-loving bastards.

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