Tallaghtfornia can be beautiful too…

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Some young ‘un has scrawled ‘Asshole’ into that menu board in a moment of simplistic, improvised brilliance.

The bus never came for this poor soul. He constructed a snowball and fucked it at a car moments later

A tree. Just that.

  1. Gardenhead says:

    class photos Adam. Tallaght got some serious snow eh? here check out my blog, the brother started posting.

  2. Adam says:

    Cheers dude. Had a nice close-up of the ‘Asshole’ on the menu board but I couldn’t transfer it off the fucking camera.
    I saw Storkboy’s post, deadly tracks. I’ll have to leave a comment pointing out at what point I realised it wasn’t you posting.

  3. LoLo says:

    We got a lick of snow on de Northsiode, now its just frozen sludge muck. Mah!

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