Blunt Force Trauma

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Currently doing the business on the Hollyweird scene and plugging her movies on a few shows, in a change of gender (unusually) ‘Hunk’ of the Week is Ms Emily Blunt.
Devil Wears Prada was shite (Meryl Streep is easily the most annoying actress working today), except for Ms Blunt and she will be popping up as a Young Queen Victoria in the next while.
Normal service will return soon but as it’s my blog, if I want to objectify Ms Blunt, I will. Same as I objectified Hugh Jackman a while back. And he went on to host the Oscars.

  1. gandalfeeneydawhiterthanwhite says:

    Objectify away my good man, Em was easily the best thing about that 2 hour black hole / entertainment abyss known collectively as TDWP.

  2. LoLo says:

    More Hugh Jackman please.

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