Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges.

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’ve gorged on films in my recent influenza-induced fragile state so here’s a round-up featuring ten word reviews.

Frozen River: A quiet but edgy drama with great performances and ice.

Hamlet 2: Steve Coogan as a weirder-than-Partridge drama teacher. Funny.

Lakeview Terrace: Samuel L. menaces, shouts and is a racist cop. Average.

Eden Lake: Sexy Fassbender, sexy Reilly, violent Skins arsehole, bloody and good.

Wendy and Lucy: Haunting, elegiac, arty, subtle, heartbreaking, thoughtful, timely, go see it.

Wendy and Lucy from stian hilton on Vimeo.

Gran Torino: Craggy old racist makes you laugh. Prepare for some melodrama.

Slumdog Millionaire: Overrated, contrived. Not bad though and well-directed by Boyle.

Rachel Getting Married: Manga-faced Hathaway is good but film is too yuppyish.

If you only see one of these, make it Wendy and Lucy. And then check out director/writer Kelly Reichardt’s previous film, Old Joy.
And I know you’ve counted the words so yes, the L in Samuel L. Jackson counts as a word here.

  1. L-Rolla says:

    W&L it is so. Looks like Dinnerladies a la Noir from that vid shot tho.

  2. adam says:

    It’s one of the quietest films I’ve ever seen. Loved it.

  3. gandalfeeneydawhiterthanwhite says:

    Czech out Let the Right One In for sho dude.

  4. adam says:

    Okey dokey

  5. red says:

    I really enjoyed W&L, Frozen River and Gran Torino…not that you asked or anything, but there you go…

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