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  1. ctrl/alt/delete says:

    coming to a scifi channel near you. I’m wet with anticipation

  2. tad says:

    Don't know if this is the right place 2 leave this comment, it has nothing 2 do w/ this video, but I've bn reading yr stuff & laffing w/ U since late Feb/early March. Have bn wanting 2 comment, but couldn't find a good spot 2 throw my 2 cents in. Yr stuff about following porn stars on Twitter awhile back was so good I laffed til I cried.
    I know it's late 4 this, but I saw BENJAMIN BUTTON over my wknd & had almost Xactly the opposite Xperience U did — mayB it was my fragile emotional state cos I sorta got dumped by my girlfriend, but the movie floored me. I didn't think it was 2 arty or 2 long, thot it was beautifully written, acted, directed, had no trouble Blieving it all — & the whole "msg" is right there in the last 2 mins, about how U've gotta B what yr gonna B in the time U've got, cos U never know what's coming 4 U … usually I'd hate Bing hit over the head like that, but the whole thing worked really well 4 me. I thot it was beautiful. Suprising that David Fincher directed, he of FIGHT CLUB, SEVEN, ALIENS3, THE EDGE, etc. BUTTON is WAY 2 brightly-lit & life-affirming a movie 2 possibly B by the same guy, don'tcha think?
    NEway, I liked it a lot. Doesn't mean yr points about it Rn't valid, & I could C where it'd B REALLY EZ 2 make fun of the movie. But now I really wanna track down some F. Scott Fitzgerald, since I only know him by reputation….
    NEway, pardon the babbling. Just wanted 2 say I love yr blog, & I hope U keep going w/ the funny stuff.
    — TAD,
    Port Orchard, Wash., USA

  3. Adam says:

    Ste: We shall discuss this film at length some day, I assure you.

    Tad: I’m blushing, thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment anywhere at all. I can’t possibly start to make up rules at this stage! Glad you liked Ben Button coz it’d be a damn shame for all involved if noone liked it. Thanks again.

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