Alien vs Predator

Posted: October 8, 2009 in me
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It’s odd to come home and find everything exactly the way it was when I left.

The other half has been gone to the US since Sunday and so I have a 3-bedroom house all to myself for a few weeks. This leads to all sorts of problems, of course, but there are advantages.

Looking after the dog, by myself, is a distinct problem. He’s needy. I am too, but there’s not much he can do to appease me, if I’m honest. The neighbours, who are there all day, come and take him every so often, but in the evenings it’s a face-off.

“Dinner”, his eyes say. “Give me your dinner”

“I bloody fed you 2 minutes ago”, I snap.

“That wasn’t enough. I want more. I especially want that curry you are eating, not that stale Ryvita you just threw on the floor to try and distract me”, his eyes say.

“Jesus, I’m only in the door half an hour – let me relax”, I plead (yes, with the dog).

“Oh ho. Relax is it? ENTERTAIN ME”, his eyes say.


This can go on for hours.

  1. Catherine says:

    My granny’s last dog had this really passive-aggressive thing where he’d wait til you’d had about four or five bites of dinner and then just put one paw on your foot to let you know he was there. Sneaky bastard.

    Yours looks like he could handle a curry, mind.

  2. Karl says:

    “Give me your dinner”

    This is the true thoughts of dogs distilled down to one sentence. All that man’s best friend stuff is just window dressing.

  3. tad says:

    Good Lord! Is that really YOUR FACE leading-off the top of the page at the new & improved THERE WILL BE BLOG 2.0? Yeezus! I get forced off-line 4 2 months & when I return, suddenly they’ll let you publish ANYTHING on the Internet….
    But seriously folks…. Your new stuff is just as great as the old stuff, nice 2 C U haven’t changed (much). This is really just a note 2 tell you I’m back on-line at, after a forced 2-month vacation when my old computer died unexpectedly. I’m now typing on the cheapest, smallest laptop I could find — but after 2 months of having nowhere 2 rave & rant & babble, it’s nice 2 B back.
    I trust my blog will soon B as silly as any of my old stuff ever was, & U R of course welcome 2 visit. & I will of course B reading more about the unexpected alien attacks occuring at your home….
    Did anything ever happen with that travel-writing gig I thot you were looking into?
    Keep up the great writing,
    — TAD.

  4. darragh says:

    Your dog eats curry? Whoah wouldn’t want to scoop that poop

  5. sweetoblivion26 says:

    that dog is actually beyond cute!

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