Pause for thought

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

One of my uncles died a few nights ago.

He was my mother’s brother, estranged, and someone with whom I had no connection, having met him only once when I was very young. It’s fair to say my mother didn’t have a huge relationship with him either – much of that side of the family are that peculiar and uniquely Irish manner of estranged, a condition borne of fractured, secretive conversations, generation gaps, parental divide and the deafening silence of too little said in too many years.

I tend to blame the Church and its powerful meddling influence on Irish life in the 50s (and after that period too) for this ‘oddness’ that we, as a nation, are so used to. It’s to blame for creating a large number of emotionally stunted, bullied, oppressed, tragic people, many of whom went on to be wonderful husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, but many of whom also went on to be bastards and beasts of the foulest kind. But the Church is not solely responsible and, for whatever reasons, some people just end up…well…odd.

Whatever the circumstances, my mother has lost a brother and that gives pause for thought.

  1. TAD says:

    Adam: I come from a family where No News Is Good News, & this feeling goes WAY back — the only time NEbody picks up the phone is if Something Bad happens — some1’s sick or some1 dies. I found out about my grandmother dying, my little sister losing her 1st child, both over the phone long-distance.
    Even after my mother died & we all agreed we should get 2gether & talk more often, & not just when some1 dies, we STILL act like this — YEARS of not enuf Bing said. We all love each other, but other than quick 5-min phonecalls 2 say “Yeah, I’m livin,” we don’t C or hear from each other much. I have cousins I haven’t Cn in 25 yrs, some of whom showed up 4 my mother’s funeral, few of whom wanted 2 talk. 1 cousin, who was my closest friend while I was growing up, REFUSED 2 talk about what he’d bn doing since I’d joined the military 25 yrs B4, like he’d bn in prison or something. Why do people act like this? Sure is odd.
    I’m sorry 4 yr loss, & yr writeup definitely rang some bells 4 me…. — TAD.

  2. darragh says:

    sorry to hear it dude

  3. TAD says:

    …Adam? …Adam?! …What’s happened 2 U, dood? U’ve got10 so quiet lately! & I don’t get this Twitter stuff. When can we Xpect some new bloggage? — TAD.

    • adam says:

      yeah you’re right,I’ve become useless at blogging. I need to go to blogger boot camp and get back in shape.right,i’m gonna pull up my bootstraps and get busy.expect bloggage.

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