24 albums I enjoyed and a list that excludes a good few other albums I’ve enjoyed too. Exciting.

Posted: December 21, 2009 in me, music
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Difficult to do these things when you have listened to (and missed) such a huge wealth of music this year.

But, just to throw my hat in the ring, here are some albums I enjoyed alot this year.

Enter your disgust at my exclusion of Dirty Projectors at the bottom. For the record, I like the album, I just don’t love it.

I’ve left this quite late so I shan’t do any blurbs for the moment.

Animal Collective – MPP

Grizzle Bizzle – Veckatimest

Raekwon – OBFCLII

DOOM – Born like this

DM Stith – Heavy Ghost

Washed Out – Life of Leisure

Dieter Moebius – Kram

Fever Ray – s/t

St Vincent – Actor

Prefuse 73 – Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian

Wavves – Wavvves

PJ Harvey and John Parish – A Woman a Man walked by

Shackleton – 3 EPs

Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport

The Antlers – Hospice

Bonnie Prince Billy – Beware

Telepathe – Dance Mother

Mos Def – The Ecstatic

Cass McCombs – Catacombs

Tune-yards – Bird-brains

Bill Callahan – Sometimes I wish we were an eagle

Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue

Hunter – Gatherer – I Dreamed I Was A Footstep In The Trail Of A Murderer

Grass Widow – s/t

Sunn 0))) – Monoliths & Dimensions (one of the important ones from earlier in the year that I had written down and forgotten to put here coz I’m an idiot. Thanks Darragh)

  1. Darragh says:

    Nevermind Dirty Projjies…Where de FUCK is Monolith and Dimensions? I’m telling Atilla on you. He’s going to lazer your balls off with his magic lazer fingernails.

    • adam says:

      Shit, I knew there was something important I’d left off. I’m going to put it in now.Is that cheating? Will they smite me while swathed in smoke and donning robes?This list shit is hard.

  2. Nay says:

    Yep, that’s you. You have pretty much summed up all the good deeds done to music this year. No numbers though?
    And what’s with the bloody glaring omissions of Irish save Hunter-Gatherer, when there was also ASIWYFA, BATS, Patrick Kelleher, Legion of Two to name a few. You need educatin’. But I’m hardly one to talk, you did far better than I. Still ain’t heard Raekwon…I knooow.

    • adam says:

      Yeah, there’s a load left out but now everyone will pop up and I’ll panic!. You know how rubbish I am at getting Irish albums so you NEED to educate me,Nay.I just end up seeing all these bands live and then forgetting they have albums.For shame.Also,no WAY am I numbering them – I’m in enough hot water as it is with leaving out *blank* and *blank*

  3. Karl says:

    It’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophesy if you mention it at the top of your post but nonetheless:

    No Bitte Orca?! Wtf?!

    That GLARING omission notwithstanding, your 2009 was quite different to my 2009 I think. That’s probably good – says something about the proliferation of deadly music.

    • adam says:

      Yeah I’m just taking a while to get into Bitte Orca and I didn’t get it for aaaages. It’s a grower but we shall see. i missed a lot of albums this year too so no shock that my list is different to yours and yours to others and so on.The good thing is that all the other lists (from people whose opinions I trust) mean I have a heap of albums to get my paws on in the new year and give a proper listen to. It’s been a seriously good year for music though, yeah.

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