Knowing meme knowing youyou. Aha.

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So Gardenhead ‘tagged’ me for this MeMe thingy and I have become more interested than I thought i might on first glance. Many thanks for giving me the chance to snoop around other people’s accounts and find out things about them. I’m gonna dispense with my cynicism and jump arse first into this.

Rules are..

Link to the person that tagged you.
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Here’s my random dingleberries, hanging below:

1) I can fit the entire top of a pint glass in my mouth and usually drink most of the contents, without using my hands (to hold the glass, not to drink with…that would be mad, like the concept of Alien Nation). People who are pissed seem to enjoy this.

2) As a kid I convinced my little sister to get into a suitcase, which I then locked and brought downstairs to the sitting room and to my parents. She freaked out and it’s something she recalls to this day when telling peeps about her older bruv. That and the fact that I hanged her dolls from her wardrobe..sometimes. I love her really.

3)Edward Furlong in Terminator 2 was my fashion idol when I was a teenager. I even had that fringe thing swooping across my head.

4)I have often been mistaken for Graham Hopkins (Boss Volenti, Therapy) over the years, when I am sporting a beard, and have had long conversations with people in nightclubs about my touring of the world and being a rockstar. One guy in Crawdaddy wouldn’t let me go and made me tell him rock stories for at least an hour before. Secretly I loved it. I met Hopkins a few weeks ago in Whelans and we do kinda look alike. His friends thought so too. I’m sexier though. Ahem.

5) I do good impressions of many different accents; Scottish, and specifically Edinburgh, being my speciality. Actually, I also know the ‘Alien Nation’ word for pigeon so if you see me, ask and I’ll say it for you. It sounds kinda like ‘dork’ but you have to cluck before you say it, like a chicken. Remember Alien Nation? Nice.

6) I once, many moons ago, pooped in someone’s front garden on the way home from a nightclub and I’m not proud, but it happened and it’s along time ago but it just happened and that’s it so deal with it.

I’m tagging:
Off Her Rocker
Two Wheels on My Wagon
red mum

I cannae do another one coz they’re all tagged already and my intaynet connection keeps shutting down so i’m cheating, slightly. Sorry if you were tagged twice or thrice. Adios.

Crayonsmith interview

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Hey, here’s an interview I did recently with Crayonsmith (who supported Why? at ALT the other night and were excellent).His new album is cracking and he’s a really nice fellow. Read the interview here

Read this today

The gist being that Polish Catholic priests are being chastised for plagiarising sermons of other priests, due to the younger generation of smock-wearing God-peddlers having access to t’internet where many sermons in this modern world end up.
Jaysus, isn’t it bad enough being a Catholic priest these days hah? There have been a few stories knocking around about them for a while you know?..
Now they can’t borrow a few thoughts and ruminations from the more experienced members of their ilk (thoughts and ruminations which have been stolen for many moons from the shitting bible!).
They panic on a Saturday night about having nowt to say on Sunday morning and they turn to the web for inspiration, like many students and professionals have been doing for quite some time.
Christ, at least they might find something decent to nick, mightn’t they?
Mass was bad enough in my youth, having to listen to some decaying old gin-skulling virgin lament the state of modern society and cloak his contempt for everyone (except God, naturally) in some deathly dreary parable from whatever chapter of the not-ironically-titled ‘Good Book’ he had drunkenly bookmarked the night before.
Maybe young priests, stealing from the internet, can make those who still go to mass actually feel like they are doing something constructive in church, by perusing a selection of online sermons from their elders and picking something relevant and comprehensible to a younger audience. These people go to church every week. At least reward their efforts by keeping things interesting.
Jesus wept.


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It seems that most of the bands I go to see live these days are starting out and plugging a debut album while establishing a new army of fans – thanks to the ridiculously fast buzz-building that goes on on the interweb – as opposed to playing to a crowd familiar with a vast canon of work.
Sebadoh last night in Whelans though was a different kind of animal altogether.
It’s strange because you are watching guys in their forties who were around and participating actively in a scene that is very dear to my teen years – grunge.
Lou Barlow in particular has seen it all, in Dinosaur Jr aswell as in Sebadoh, and it was funny to watch a band of their pedigree tune their guitars between songs (because they had no tech to do it), swapping instruments with ease (because they are around long enough to have considerable practice on everything), and having those ‘just out on tour’ awkward moments where applause makes them grin and they try to crack jokes and sell a few t-shirts. I never got to see Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden or alot of the bands whose songs I would probably recognise from the opening note, even if they’re from albums I have not listened to in many many years. Seeing Sebadoh definitely pulled at my musical heartstrings because so many of their songs have that Black Flag early 80s punk thing, crossed with that 90s grunge minor chord guitar crunch.
Will the younger new bands have the legs of some of these acts. Will they be part of a new scene that will change music? I’m not talking about the kind of all-encompassing fame and adulation of the Rolling Stones, but the steady fanbase that will want to see them in 15 or 20 years.This is a great time for new bands and new music as we are exposed every day to SO much stuff we may not have heard of the day before. But Sebadoh reminded me of the time I was given a tape with Therapy on one side and Rage Against The Machine on the other, of copying my cousin’s Nevermind CD he had gotten for free because he worked in Dolphin Discs, of hearing the Jesus Lizard and Lard, of listening to NOFX for years without knowing what they looked like because…well, there was nowhere to get a picture.
The gig itself last night was excellent. And nostalgic…if I haven’t made that clear. My thanks to Sebadoh.

In case you haven’t come across Onion TV yet..

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Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

is the link for tons of other clips.

Music magazine articles over the last 30 odd years

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Found this link in The Guardian’s Guide on Saturday. It is a subscription service which seems to work out at 40 euros for the year – but Jesus, it seems well worth it. You get access to an absolute wealth of music articles from as far back as you would probably care to go. This is their archive and it is excellent. Some years are missing and if you really wanted something specific you might be unlucky but it has a serious amount of stuff..

Brasilintime – Tivoli, May 2nd

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This seems interesting with the current penchant for Afrobeat in the indie music scene. Samba music has never been my favourite but Madlib is playing and if he manages to not smoke his own bodyweight in weed before the gig – actually it doesn’t matter if he does or not, he will be just as good – then this could be an outstanding night of music. Has this been kept relatively quiet on the advertising front in Dublin or have I just missed alot of posters??

This is from the Tivoli website:

“This show will rely on the backbone of Afrobeat legend Tony Allen, Fela Kuti’s drummer, recent collaborator with Damon Albarn on ‘The Good, The Bad & The Queen’. Cited as creating the genre Afrobeat, Tony Allen is no ordinary musician.
Add two of Brasil’s finest musicians Ivan Conti (Mamao) 1/3 of Azymuth, the collosal force in Brasilian music who sold 100s of thousands of records worldwide and Joao Parahyba renowned percussionist with samba rock band Trio Mocoto and backing band for Jorge Ben. Sprinkle this with…Producer, MC, instrumentalist extraordinnaire..MADLIB.. The BeatKonducta aka Quasimoto aka Yesterday’s New Quintet aka Jackson Conti and producer of the new Erykah Badu LP. Add your JROCC…the founder of The Beat junkies, arguably the best club DJ in the world and place him alongside South America’s DJ Nuts and this event becomes devastating.”

Things that are wonderful indeed..

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Charlie Brooker.

Elbow at Vicar Street tonight. Guy Garvey is probably the most affable frontman of all time.

Madvillain album. Should have gotten this for my ipod ages ago.

Berocca. Hangover cure to rule them all.

3 days off work midweek. Really looking forward to it.

Foals: live review (for drop-d)

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I went to this gig with my staunchest ‘impress me you angular art bastards’ attitude, as a music fan weary of NME hype, fringe-floppage and drainpipe-jeaned automatons clambering for the best spot in the smoking section of (insert hip bar name here). Not to mention the reciprocal contempt that front man Yannis Phillipakis has shown for ‘lazy’ journalists, which has been well documented in the music press of the last nine months.

On arrival at Dublin’s Academy venue, it is wall-to-wall Skins fodder as I’m dazzled by haircuts and the stench of ripe hormones in the air. The place is packed and the crowd are really geared up by the time the band saunter on to crank up the electronics and, after some technical noodling, tear into album opener, French Open.

Their Antidotes album has received widespread critical acclaim and in a live setting their sometimes over-polished sound is messed with, giving a much scuzzier, edgier feel to their host of songs. They tear through Cassius, Olympic Airways is the weakest song of the set, and Heavy Water is decent but Two Steps Twice provides a real highlight.

With the gruff-looking front man facing sideways on stage, one gets the impression at times that you are watching an intricate jamming session that sonically falls somewhere between The Cure and Shellac. The Bloc Party comparisons are indeed lazy, as Kele and company have never rocked out as riotously as this, with the kind of math rock intricacies that the Oxford quintet display, and they certainly have never featured the kind of full on rave dancing that Foals’ keyboardist Edwin Congreave launches into spasmodically.

They rip through most of their repertoire and their encore is preceded by what looks like a roadie telling a highly dodgy joke about Rome, a hairdresser and the Pope.

With so much reprehensibly unimaginative dross around the ‘indie’ scene at the moment and with The Kooks recently opening their wet, straw hat wearing arses and excreting a new album into our world, it is fantastic and intriguing to see a young band emanate such energy and show as much real musicianship as Foals do. They are deliciously preoccupied with making the receptive crowd boogie and it is a hard rhythm to resist for the hour-and-a-bit they are onstage, at the end of which the crowd are still chanting for ‘one more tune’ as the house lights come up.

Foals as a live prospect prove to be extremely capable, jittery, musically able and groove-oriented and while their album is a fine offering, it will be interesting to see what they come up with in their next few albums, if they bring that raucous edginess to the recording studio.