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Gigs like Bonnie Prince Billy don’t pop up that often. There are plenty of bands and musicians peddling their wares around the country week in/week out but someone with the resplendent back catalogue, cultish intrigue and that real ‘I will cut my arms off with a semi-blunt knife and force feed them to myself, washed down with a pint of vagrant sweat if I don’t see this gig’ factor are rare enough. So why is it that arseholes insist on gibbering away to their mates during not just most of the set but particularly during the quietest songs and especially during songs that you find genuinely moving? And why is it that their grating voices are always complemented by their gurning, sweaty, moronofaces? Have you ever turned around to one of these dribbling shitvessels and went ‘Oh he/she actually seems quite pleasant and erudite, perhaps I’ve misjudged them’? No, you haven’t, because invariably you are going to be faced with some cuntball in a cowboy hat with a soulpatch and a t-shirt that spells cursewords with numbers (you know the ones: fuck has a 5 for the ‘f’ and so on)
Typically at last night’s gig in Vicar Street there were a few of these Troglodytes parked behind myself and Mrs Therewillbeblog. Why are they there – are complimentary tickets for gigs being bandied around to anyone and everyone these days? Is Bonnie Prince Billy really the kind of gig at which I should expect people to be answering their phones or having a full blown conversation about their pointless lives? The same thing happened at Explosions in the Sky last year. I was positioned in front of four twats, all with the same coloured shirts and haircuts, who whooped ‘up ya boy ya’ and farted repeatedly during the whole gig. They even engaged in some sort of hoe-down dance when Explosions really got into their stride..
To be honest I expect that kind of crap at big gigs where huge mixed crowds flock and pay high prices for tickets. These kind of gigs have really taken off as social events in the last few years and many people head to them for a day out rather than to appreciate the music. I’ve been at these kind of gigs and it’s fine to a point. They are mostly outdoors and it’s easy enough to cope with. But this can’t be allowed to filter down to every smaller-venue gig can it? Am I going to go to the next Bon Iver gig and have some bastard’s Crazy Frog ringtone shatter the silence as Mr Vernon opens his crushed heart to a mostly hypnotised, adoring audience (or as with last night, some guy announcing that he shaved his penis. Admittedly, that was pretty funny)?
I never want to be that guy who shushes people and of course there will be some sort of chatter at most gigs – no one stays absolutely silent for an hour and a half with a few beverages in them. But if you do go along to a gig that’s off the beaten track and is clearly going to attract a large amount of devoted fans who desperately want to hear the songs that have guided them carefully through the traumas and joys of their lives, try and have a little respect and shut the fuck up.

Bloggy Prince Billy

Posted: May 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Sorry for yet another bad pun in the title but I’m starting to get into the habit of it now and it’s become a personal competition to try and insert the worst imaginable puns/gags into that little title space.
Got the new BPB album and it’s great; really growing on me by the day. I’ve found his music comforting/intriguing/genius over the years and he’s one of those artists who instantly chills me out and gives me that feeling of familiarity and, well, happiness I suppose. Even on the the darker tracks. Upcoming gigs are Times New Viking tomorrow night, supported by Giveamanakick, and Bon Iver is not too far away either. Obviously, Bonnie Prince Billy is playing as part of the Future Days festival so that’s going to be incroyable.
On a personal note, I’ve just moved into a deadly little cottage near town with m’ladyfriend and so far it’s going brilliantly. Nice to have a bit of space and even a garden-type area thingy. I was egging to play Guitar Hero at our recent house-warming but we couldn’t get the bloody thing to work. Anyone know anything about PS3s? Let me know. I was primed to rock out too…
On the plus side, one of our guests was a bit of a headcase and developed a highly amusing drunken miaowing tic that he lapsed into every so often, so that kept me well entertained. In retrospect, he may have been in the midst of some form of mental breakdown but anyway..he’s ok now.
See you in Andrews Lane Theatre tomorrow.

Bonnie June Billy..Woohoo!!

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

Will Oldham is bringing his freakishly gurning mouth, beard and genius to Vicar Street on June 15th. So says Jim Carroll on his blizzog (hyperlink thingy not working so just go to On The Record). Not sure about tix yet but this is already my summer highpoint. Now I need Joanna Newsom to come back and I’ll pop my clogs happy. I said clogs.

Oh and also, Fran Cosgrove is doing a DJ set in Zanzibar on Saturday night so warm up your flame-throwers people. Warm ’em up goooooood. toasted Franmallows for all.