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Telepathe: The drug of the nation

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Wavves gig was great last night, although it made me wish I was 10 years younger and had a fringe/mullet.
Will have a review up on The ‘D soon but, for the moment, those beautiful Brooklynite synth sirens, Telepathe, have kindly returned my Q & A so go check that out

EDIT: Wavves live review from Whelans

Telepathe: The drug of the nation

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Wavves gig was great last night, although it made me wish I was 10 years younger and had a fringe/mullet.
Will have a review up on The ‘D soon but, for the moment, those beautiful Brooklynite synth sirens, Telepathe, have kindly returned my Q & A so go check that out

EDIT: Wavves live review from Whelans

Web awards nomination for Drop-D

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I’m delighted to say that Drop-D (where I do most of my writing at the moment) has been nominated for an Irish Web Award for Best Music Site. It seems we are on the shortlist and I’m not going to pretend to be ‘cool’ about this; I love awards and attention so fuck it – come on the D!
I don’t know how it works but if there’s a voting system, I’m all up for rigging it, Balkan-states-in-the-Eurovision style.
I also pray this guy is there

Syriana’s script vs. The Script

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So now in the middle of Syriana on RTE, I am subjected to an item on The Script recording their new video. Because they have the financial clout of Sony behind them, they warrant a place on the national news as they commit the video for their new heinous aural atrocity to film? As Eddie in Bottom once pointed out, I would rather have a pineapple inserted violently into my rectum.
What a load of cock. Yes, they are easy targets and slagging them off is as obvious as saying ‘red bull coke tastes like metal vomit’ or ‘the tyrannosaurus rex had small arms’ but why does this need to be on the news; even as a late night ‘squirrel in a miniature speedboat’ moment?
And in the middle of Syriana too? Clooney’s finest moment and a wonderful film that demands a second and third viewing. A film that never panders to the viewer, never spells things out and has Matt Damon explain, in one succinct delivery, the reason why war happens in the Middle East. Brilliant stuff.
In other news – and news that by now is old and boring – State mag is going free from next month. The blog buzz around this today has been interesting as people banged on about, among other things, journos at State having to take a possible paycut. Poor them. I work a day job for wages and do my Drop-d/Connected/and soon Analogue work for nada but the love and respeck, so I’m afraid I don’t have sympathy for any paycuts.
Yes, yes that’s bitterness, of course.
I dream of the day that hard cash is included as one of my motivations for doing all that writing.
Hard cash and love: two wonderful components vying for top spot…some day.
Actually Film Ireland pay me (God bless the movies) so there is a positive.

Back and alive

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Stradbally didn’t eat me alive and the review should be up on drop-d tomorrow. It was an exhilarating and tiring experience and having to work the Monday morning after 1 hour of sleep was not pretty. Hope you enjoyed it too, if you were there.
There’s plenty I’ve left out of the review, I’m sure, but I hope it gives a good feel for the weekend. Incidentally, there was some arsehole in the press tent moaning about the quality of the pint-pulling at about 11.30pm on Friday night – the bars outside closed at 10pm.
There’s always one, eh?

Evolution: the proof is on the buses

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I used to have the unbridled joy of getting a nice bus to work in the mornings. It was a delightful journey, passing up George’s Street, through Camden Street, Terenure, Templeogue and the leafy ‘burbs. On a sunny day the birds would flock to the window and nuzzle up against them, poking chewy toffees through the window for the smiling passengers to nibble on. The driver would pat me gently on the behind as I swooshed past him to take my seat.
I no longer get that bus.
Thanks to moving house (admittedly my meals have improved considerably since I moved in with my expert chef girlfriend Sinead) I now must ride a darker beastie altogether. This is a bus that farts and belches its way through the ominously stinkier parts of Baile Atha Cliath. It’s grim grim grim all the way to my destination and often features the kind of Neanderthal, staring primates you are surely all too familiar with. These are the ones who are genetically predisposed to chatting to you if it’s just you and them upstairs. Earphones are a ‘please talk to me’ distress signal. They shift in their seats, looking into everyone’s po-faced fisogs, playing tinny techno from their phones and hoping you will say something/anything to them.
Christ it’s like school sometimes.
Today I got the gimp in the seat in front who turned fully around, on a packed bus, to eyeball myself and my seat mate. I played the ‘looking intently out the window’ game expertly. Usually these fiends jump off the bus as quickly as they have jumped on and invariably you see them running nimbly from the bus when they alight – there’s always some pressing engagement they’ve been yapping loudly about on their phones before disembarking.
Anyway, I shouldn’t bang on too much. Nothing has happened yet, but I could be just a stare away..
In other news, check out Christopher Hitchens getting waterboarded for a Vanity Fair piece. Disagree as I may with some of Hitchens’ political views, the man is a wonderfully intellectual writer with a scary knowledge of history and a formidable constitution for the sauce. I’m reading his ‘God is not Great’ book at the moment, hence the mention.
In Big Brother news, for a change, the blind guy is a nightmare. Like a creepy Billy Connolly with a lobotomy and disguised as a student from 1992.
Also, do not go see Kung Fu Panda. Peddling a message that obese fantasists can achieve anything they want if they only belieeeeeeeve strong enough? To kids? Blaaaarrrrggggg, give them Spongebob or Fairly Odd Parents over this, anyday of the week. That aside, it just ain’t funny or clever in the Toy Story/Monsters Inc kind of way.
And finally, check out the Oxegen previews – and indeed my own preview of the New Band Stage for the weekend – over at drop-d
Sorry for this splurge of a post. I’m sure there’s more to mention that I’ve left out. Here’s a bit of Denmark’s Trentemoller anyway. Get his Chronicles discs. Nice dab of glitchy, minimal techno.
Minimal Fox – Trentemoller

Times New Vik….hello?hello?

Posted: May 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I’ll be attempting a second call to interview the fucking excellent Times New Viking tomorrow evening (they were asleep in their tour van last week when I called) and I’m quite tempted to buy a Fisher Price microphone and roar the questions down the phone at a tinnitus-inducing level, but with the sound of a wonderful question hidden beneath the layers of fuzz. Over the course of the interview, they will learn to like the fuzz and love the catchy questions beneath.
Unfortunately, this only works as a theory on this blog and if I were to actually do it, I would be a smart-arsed, self-satisfied wanker….grand so, I’m off to Smith’s toyshop.

To Halves and Halves not..

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Just a quick note on Halves, Ireland’s answer to Efterklang/Mogwai/Sigur Ros and the like. I did an interview with them for drop-d yesterday, before they headed off to The Indie Hour to do a radio slot with Aoife Mac. Lovely guys, can’t praise them highly enough and their new album, Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy, is out on the 16th of this month.
It’s an excellent 7 tracks so make sure to get a copy. Even the album cover is beautiful, in its meticulously handcrafted glory. They play Whelans on the 17th and I urge you to go along to see them as it is sure to be a wonderful looking gig, aswell as a wonderful sounding one. They’ve even landed a plum spot on the Transmission festival line-up this summer. Another of Ireland’s young & gifted musicians! Keep your ears peeled for Halves (if you can keep ears peeled)

Crayonsmith interview

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Hey, here’s an interview I did recently with Crayonsmith (who supported Why? at ALT the other night and were excellent).His new album is cracking and he’s a really nice fellow. Read the interview here

Foals: live review (for drop-d)

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I went to this gig with my staunchest ‘impress me you angular art bastards’ attitude, as a music fan weary of NME hype, fringe-floppage and drainpipe-jeaned automatons clambering for the best spot in the smoking section of (insert hip bar name here). Not to mention the reciprocal contempt that front man Yannis Phillipakis has shown for ‘lazy’ journalists, which has been well documented in the music press of the last nine months.

On arrival at Dublin’s Academy venue, it is wall-to-wall Skins fodder as I’m dazzled by haircuts and the stench of ripe hormones in the air. The place is packed and the crowd are really geared up by the time the band saunter on to crank up the electronics and, after some technical noodling, tear into album opener, French Open.

Their Antidotes album has received widespread critical acclaim and in a live setting their sometimes over-polished sound is messed with, giving a much scuzzier, edgier feel to their host of songs. They tear through Cassius, Olympic Airways is the weakest song of the set, and Heavy Water is decent but Two Steps Twice provides a real highlight.

With the gruff-looking front man facing sideways on stage, one gets the impression at times that you are watching an intricate jamming session that sonically falls somewhere between The Cure and Shellac. The Bloc Party comparisons are indeed lazy, as Kele and company have never rocked out as riotously as this, with the kind of math rock intricacies that the Oxford quintet display, and they certainly have never featured the kind of full on rave dancing that Foals’ keyboardist Edwin Congreave launches into spasmodically.

They rip through most of their repertoire and their encore is preceded by what looks like a roadie telling a highly dodgy joke about Rome, a hairdresser and the Pope.

With so much reprehensibly unimaginative dross around the ‘indie’ scene at the moment and with The Kooks recently opening their wet, straw hat wearing arses and excreting a new album into our world, it is fantastic and intriguing to see a young band emanate such energy and show as much real musicianship as Foals do. They are deliciously preoccupied with making the receptive crowd boogie and it is a hard rhythm to resist for the hour-and-a-bit they are onstage, at the end of which the crowd are still chanting for ‘one more tune’ as the house lights come up.

Foals as a live prospect prove to be extremely capable, jittery, musically able and groove-oriented and while their album is a fine offering, it will be interesting to see what they come up with in their next few albums, if they bring that raucous edginess to the recording studio.