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Brasilintime – Tivoli, May 2nd

Posted: April 22, 2008 in Uncategorized
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This seems interesting with the current penchant for Afrobeat in the indie music scene. Samba music has never been my favourite but Madlib is playing and if he manages to not smoke his own bodyweight in weed before the gig – actually it doesn’t matter if he does or not, he will be just as good – then this could be an outstanding night of music. Has this been kept relatively quiet on the advertising front in Dublin or have I just missed alot of posters??

This is from the Tivoli website:

“This show will rely on the backbone of Afrobeat legend Tony Allen, Fela Kuti’s drummer, recent collaborator with Damon Albarn on ‘The Good, The Bad & The Queen’. Cited as creating the genre Afrobeat, Tony Allen is no ordinary musician.
Add two of Brasil’s finest musicians Ivan Conti (Mamao) 1/3 of Azymuth, the collosal force in Brasilian music who sold 100s of thousands of records worldwide and Joao Parahyba renowned percussionist with samba rock band Trio Mocoto and backing band for Jorge Ben. Sprinkle this with…Producer, MC, instrumentalist extraordinnaire..MADLIB.. The BeatKonducta aka Quasimoto aka Yesterday’s New Quintet aka Jackson Conti and producer of the new Erykah Badu LP. Add your JROCC…the founder of The Beat junkies, arguably the best club DJ in the world and place him alongside South America’s DJ Nuts and this event becomes devastating.”