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Epic noisemongery

Posted: December 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

This track is from Flannel Graduate, a Japanese tour-only CD-R that sold out during No Age’s tour with Zach Hill from Hella.
There are three tracks, two of which are only seconds long.
The third track, California Bird Dudes, comes in at over twenty minutes long, featuring Zach and Dean Spunt’s drumming chaos, Randy’s feedback and guitar squall, incomprehensible vocal bits, drum loops and washed out noise.
This track sounds like it would fit in better with any of the bands that Zach Hill drums for, rather than on a No Age record.

For those who like noise; get yer lugs around this badboy.


Posted: October 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I have managed to pry my eyes open and get some tea and toast into me after last night’s Shred Yr Face triple-bill with Times New Viking, No Age and Los Campesinos. Budvar is a harsh mistress but switching to Kopparberg probably didn’t help either. Also I was obliged to head to Howl At The Moon later in the night to visit my good lady at a work bash and there really is not enough alcohol in the world to numb yourself enough to that utterly horrifying place. My first time there, and I pray it’s my last.

Great night before that anyway and I interviewed No Age for The D.
Randy and Dean are two of the nicest interviewees I’ve had and aswell as the band being absolutely brilliant, they are involved in so many other things I’m surprised they have time for the music. For the first time I felt properly nervous just before we began and had to get my ‘I really love your band’ speech out of the way to calm myself.
I made the cardinal error of asking them the same question twice but when the interview ended, and the recorder was off, we finished our beers and chatted for a while more. Lovely guys.

They also told me of the dismay the Los Campesinos gang were feeling that they’re being dismissed on this tour (despite it being their tour) and that everyone is there to see the other two bands.
While that was true of myself and a few others last night, it can’t be denied that Los Campesinos had the biggest crowd and went down extremely well with the heaving masses on the floor.

I didn’t notice that they had shredded my face – and if they did it was a remarkably blood-free affair- and I’m still not entirely convinced by their style of music but they had energy, stage presence and passion and if I had a hat, I would take it off to them.
Right, time for a bit more tea. Enjoy your Saturday.

No Age

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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No Age’s last outing in Dublin was an excellent, if somewhat confusing, gig for the band. Most people were there as actual fans and as far as I recall there was no support and they came on fairly late.
It also became clear they were used to a crowd that rocked the fuck out, but to be honest it was a Tuesday evening and a mostly sober crowd were not going to partake in much shenanigans. I still thought they put on a great show.
A return gig has been announced for October 17th and they are to be joined by fellow noisemongers Times New Beth..I mean Times New Viking along with the unusual choice of Los Campesinos.
This video for Keechie, made from some left over Eraser video footage, is not really a good representation of a full No Age show’s loudness but it is still weirdly hypnotic in the way surf movies, Apocalypse Now and the album by The Field are.
I remember my mother (who I’m sure doesn’t read my blog but hi mam anyway) watching American Beauty with me, and more specifically watching that plastic bag scene saying ‘that’s not the most beautiful thing in the world; that’s just a bloody plastic bag blowing around the place’.
I like to think that, in their own ways, both Sam Mendes and my mother are right but I think on a certain day, the weirdest and most simple thing can seem really beautiful.