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What’s the plan now then?

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
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And so another printed publication hops on the escalator to the great shredder in the sky….Plan B is no more.
While we lament the demise of print journalism (and as a print journalist,aswell as an online one,I will join the ranks of those wailing the loudest) the fact of the matter is that the magazines you have loved, and still love, are supported in a major way by advertising revenue from independent record labels – labels that can barely afford to function anymore let alone take out a 10×3 advertisement space in a glossy, shiny, lovely-smelling magazine.

Add to that the fact that no-one has yet entirely figured out how to make impressive advertising revenue from any online publishing ventures and it’s clear we are in a state of media limbo.
Personally, I enjoy a combination of reading about movies, music, pop culture and bestiality online as much as in print. True the online reading has addled my concentration levels – at times, I believe, severely – but it’s nothing permanent and I still sit around with books and a ton of newspapers to dig in to every couple of days.

Things are grim as fuck these days in the print world and will only get grimmer. Those of us left with jobs should count ourselves lucky. And with regard to the always interesting, often brilliant, Plan B, let’s hope they find a way to continue their writing either in other decent publications (i.e. the Observer Music Monthly about 2 years ago via a time machine or Wire magazine) or they manage to work out an online presence without the quality of the writing being affected.

I tip my cap to you Plan B.

What’s not to love?

Posted: February 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
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