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Alien vs Predator

Posted: October 8, 2009 in me
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It’s odd to come home and find everything exactly the way it was when I left.

The other half has been gone to the US since Sunday and so I have a 3-bedroom house all to myself for a few weeks. This leads to all sorts of problems, of course, but there are advantages.

Looking after the dog, by myself, is a distinct problem. He’s needy. I am too, but there’s not much he can do to appease me, if I’m honest. The neighbours, who are there all day, come and take him every so often, but in the evenings it’s a face-off.

“Dinner”, his eyes say. “Give me your dinner”

“I bloody fed you 2 minutes ago”, I snap.

“That wasn’t enough. I want more. I especially want that curry you are eating, not that stale Ryvita you just threw on the floor to try and distract me”, his eyes say.

“Jesus, I’m only in the door half an hour – let me relax”, I plead (yes, with the dog).

“Oh ho. Relax is it? ENTERTAIN ME”, his eyes say.


This can go on for hours.

I ‘urt my h-elbow

Posted: February 21, 2009 in Uncategorized


Having received Fifa 07 for my PSP for Xmas (a clever financial move from my other half meaning I also got Tiger Woods 07) my hands were beginning to seize up and my elbow cracked with every corner kicked, every tap-in netted, every pass completed. I have spent the last while managing Barnsley, you see, and they (i.e. I) just ain’t good enough.
Luckily, with the internet at my fingertips I could scour the cyberworld seeking out underhanded ways in which I could allow my team an advantage.
And soon there it was: Pass to goalkeeper,Run to the D,Kick fullpower and the striker will snaffle it and enter into a one-on-one with the ‘keeper.
Oh mighty Barnsley’s luck changed and soon we were in the playoffs.
But they just couldn’t beat Cardiff and then the fucking PSP packed up.
I’m sorry lads.


There has been alot of noisy music around, hasn’t there? Isn’t it great? While Crystal Stilts had a few hiccups at their recent gig, Wavves rocked it hard not so long ago and of course the blogs are all in a frenzy over ‘noise’ bands and retro-shoegaze bands and so on.
One of the standouts from this gaggle (or should that be gaggggggle?) is LA’s Dum Dum Girls, which is one librarian called Dee Dee. Here’s a lowest of the lo-fi example of her tuneage.

Hey Sis – Dum Dum Girls

You also may have heard the one-man band Blank Dogs being namechecked by many of these noisy acts like Crystal Stilts or Vivian Girls. Blank Dogs are/is certainly not for everyone so here is a decent example of what to expect.

Blank Dogs – Ants

Blank Dogs – Three Window Room


Want a laugh? Follow outrageously pretentious friend of Bono/Barry Egan, Gavin Friday on Twitter.

Also, follow porn legend Joanna Angel and get an insight to what people who get banged for a living think on a daily basis.

EDIT: How the FUCK did I get that Yahoo Media Player to work on my page?? I don’t know but expect alot more music from now on. Class.

EDIT 2: Just realised linking to a pornstar’s Twitter could end up skewing my ‘visitor’ stats. Could be as interesting as the time I used the terms ‘Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavillion’ and ‘rapidshare’ in the same post…