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….as drop-d moves to new pastures. I usually hate reading my stuff but I actually enjoy reading this review of Mudhoney’s last album. Sorry for this somewhat self-serving post but anyway..

With the grunge era now a nostalgic bong water stain on the ripped jeans of yesterday, all we veterans can do is snaffle up Nirvana albums on vinyl if we stumble across them, watch Pearl Jam get fat and old and reminisce over Youtube footage of Alice In Chains’ mesmerising MTV Unplugged performance from back in the day.

Mark Arm and his elder statesmen of that fruitful musical period, Mudhoney, have crawled out of the sticky dirt to crank out a new album, 20 years after giving the world a grunge classic with Touch Me I’m Sick, and thankfully they have summoned the spirits of their scuzzy, raw, anthemic youth to make an album that is as relevant now as it would have been in the early 90s. It begins with the cocksure sexual swagger of I’m Now, a song many of the pubeless indie cretins of today’s ‘alternative indie rock’ bands would lop off their fringes and pointy-shoe-clad feet to have penned.

Inside Out Over You crackles with feedback and psychedelic twiddlings over a Jefferson Airplane-style bassline while the title track grooves along to a chorus of “The lucky ones are lucky they’re not around.” – a wry take on grunge’s casualties.

Other highlights are the blues-kissed What’s This Thing, the garage rock musings of And The Shimmering Light and the screaming teenage delight of Tales of Terror.

This gem was recorded in just three and a half days and the confident brevity of the uncomplicated songs would definitely corroborate this, with most of the tracks around the 3 minute mark. There is a lusty, noisy, filthy, punk vibe fused into every song – with a side order of garage, blues and The Stooges – and a sense of urgency that makes it difficult to believe these gents are on their 8th album and 20th year together. It filled this writer with joy to be aurally transported back to a time when Sonic Youth, Bleach, lumberjack shirts and Seattle were at the forefront of my mind and here’s hoping that Mudhoney bottle the energy they harnessed for this recording and churn out many more albums as enjoyable in the coming years. This is how it is done. Indie pretenders take note.

Arse life

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

I truly am a picky bastard.
I can’t find somewhere comfortable I like to sit in our new place.
There’s a chair and a couch. The couch I like lying on to watch TV but, alas, it is not particularly good for balancing the laptop on my stomach and trying to type for any length of time.
I imagine that were an independent observer to poke their beak over the garden fence and observe me trying to type anything longer than a Twitter update on the brand of sausage I had just ingested while carefully trying to control my stomach ‘muscles’ to balance the laptop, they would see what looks like an overgrown, overweight idiot doing what appears to be an impression of a fighting spider (Thiania bhamoensis)perched in the Crane position and hammering away at the keys in short, uncomfortable bursts.
And so it is to the bedroom I retire, Laz-E-Boys proving too expensive, and it is in the bedroom I’ll have to remain if I want to shake the pins and needles from my poor poor legs. Comfort is an important part of bloggage, dontcha know?
I feel it’s time to start paying more attention to the blog and so expect more frequent posting, more wine coverage, more music and more film reviews..and just more blogging in general.
Also, have you seen the The Hills Have Eyes remake? It was on Film 4 the other day. Fuck me it was hardcore. Goggle,goggggggggle.

A surreal video and song with clearly no inkling of a global recession from Soulja Boy.
Yet, if I were to hear this in a club – and God willing I do some day – I will absolutely dance to it. Unbelievable shit/genius.
Makes me feel old and detached. Goocheeeeeee bandunna power

Christmas pic

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I got a digickal camera from the missus for Crimbo so I hope to be able to put a few more photos on this blog in 2009.
Hopefully, not all of me. This snap is of myself (on the right) and my uncle enjoying a couple of Cohiba cigars on Xmas day in my Galway back garden. See that decking? I built that with my Dad. Well…he did most of it, but still…
As a quick recap on the old pressie situation, my wonderful sister and fabulous parents managed to get me The Wire boxset and Homicide, the book too. Twas a good haul and that’s what it truly is about: receiving gifts. Don’t get hoodwinked by the religious overtones and altruistic hoopla, getting presents at Xmas is the best. Happy New Year, dudes.


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I’m still slaving hard on my end-of-year lists and, album-wise, it’s a real eye-opener.
It’s only now you start to realise how much your taste is dictated by the usual suspects on the internet.
But, that said, the sheer quality of stuff I have heard this year is top notch.
I disagree that it was a bad year for music or albums or whatever people are saying out there. It really wasn’t. There has been a huge amount of brilliant albums, songs and (also) films. I have had album after album on repeat in my headphones and this was the year that the glorious Fucked Up got me back into listening to punk, the music genre it all began with for me, listening to Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Lard, Crass, NOFX, Rancid, Sex Pistols, No Use For A Name et al.
The 14-year old me would have hated me now though, with my dubious penchant for Bon Iver, Final Fantasy, Fennesz, Horse Feathers and the like.
There was a time in my teens I wouldn’t even listen to the words Led Zeppelin being spoken aloud. But such elitism is behind me now and my spikey, bleach-blond haircut is but a wonderful memory.
I’ll press on anyway. I’m a sensitive soul deep down under the hairy, drunken exterior (as my mother, my best friend and my girlfriend all like to remind me when the mood takes them) so here is the celestial, gorgeous, wondrous strains of Peter Broderick of Efterklang and Horse Feathers fame with the song Games Again from this year’s Home album.

Ah paris…

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Zere weeell be blogue,on tour

Euro racism: alive and well

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Dodgy quality pic from Madrid last week that I meant to post sooner. I’m not even sure what these posters were for but they certainly grabbed my attention…

Edit: Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised

The lads

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Evening tipples in Madrid


Posted: October 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

That above tastes ok,first thing in the morning.I’m off to Madrid and hopefully I’ll get to see No Age again tomorrow.Adios.

Verboten post #1

Posted: October 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

“Where’s the toothpaste?”

“I threw it in the bin, it was empty”

“But I could have squeezed a last drop out of it”

“We’ll just get some more”

“It’s 2a.m.”

“Get it tomorrow so”