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That face is too shiny by far

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s strange to watch David Cameron speaking on television; be it at a Conservative Party conference or meeting, during a soundbite to criticise Labour, an appearance on a BBC political discussion show or whatever.
I get the impression that he walks in the door of his pristine Conservative home, props his bike up against the white radiator, removes his cycling helmet, unplugs his iPod headphones with the din of James Blunt just faintly audible..‘you’re beautifulllll it’sss truuuue’… , strolls nonchalantly into his kitchen, kisses his wife on the cheek, hugs his rosy-cheeked children, traipses through the basement door and descends the stairs, pulls on his white labcoat, slaps awake the young immigrant he has tethered to the large wooden pole in the middle of the floor and plants a shiny axe right in the middle of young Ahmed’s head while listening to Huey Lewis and the News, simultaneously telling the rest of Ahmed’s family in the basement corner that he doesn’t care what they say or how much they cry, he’s enjoying himself and won’t be finishing up any time soon.
There’s just something not quite right about him is there?
Then again, that’s nothing when compared to Easter Island-faced Gordon Brown.
He actually comes across like that alien-in-a-human-body from Men In Black; as awkward as a teenage boy in tracksuit bottoms watching a Flake ad.

Christopher Hitchens sticking it to Mrs Clinton in an article written for The Slate.